Xanax Addiction Story, How Xanax Addiction Occurs

November 26, 2009

Xanax Abused by Many, Causing Xanax Addiction.

Xanax Addiction, Xanax Abuse

Many are now finding themselves in a drug rehab, unwittingly becoming addicted to prescription drugs.

Myra, a housewife, mother of 4, and grandmother to two, tells her story of her life before coming to The Atlanta Recovery Center to get help to quit her Xanax addiction:

I had a great life, grew up in a loving family, met the man of my dreams, and was all around a happy mother and grandmother.

I decided to go back to work, mainly just to find something to do, and found that while enjoyable, life became a little more stressful.

I had trouble sleeping, so I went to the doctor, and he prescribes Xanax, to help with my anxiety over my new job, and help me sleep better.

The Xanax pills helped me relax, and I could get through the day without stress.

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Drug Education Saves Lives, Prevents Drug Abuse

November 26, 2009

Families Spared Ravages of Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction.

A drug rehab has found that it is important to not only treat drug addiction, but also prevent drug abuse in young people.

Narconon Drug Rehab of Georgia, a long term drug treatment program, continues to provide drug education to the Boys and Girls Club in Atlanta.  Two hundred and fifty children recently learned about the harmful effects of drugs through a lively presentation of the “Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs.”

In the classes given by the drug rehab, the kids learned how drugs affect the mind, make a person slow or stupid, dull the senses and destroy creativity.   They also learned that ecstasy is one of the most dangerous drugs and marijuana is not as innocent as some are led to believe.

A Director of a Boys and Girls Club applauded Narconon Drug Rehab, stating in a recent letter; “As youth-development professionals, we have an obligation to make sure our young people are receiving quality programs that aide them in correcting their bad habits and decision making.  Your program has changed the whole mind set of our  young people. They no longer view drug use as a recreational past time.  This program has taught my teenagers the responsibility of taking care of their bodies, mind, and building healthy relationships with their peers.

For the full story http://news.wooeb.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=141983&ret



Cough Syrup, Cough Medicine Abuse, Addiction

November 26, 2009

Cough Medicine containing DXM can be addictive.

While many parents are learning about the dangers of prescription drug abuse, one over-the-counter medication, used for treating coughs, is rapidly becoming a favorite in middle school and high school for getting high.

Ever find any empty bottles of cough syrup in your teen’s room?

What about empty blister packs of Coricidin® or Triaminic®?

The Atlanta Recovery Center Drug Rehab in Georgia warns that this is a clear indication that your teen is “robotripping‘.

What in the world is ‘robotripping“?

Robotripping” is drinking a bottle of cough syrup at once or popping hands full of cough suppressant pills. Why on earth would they do that? Because they get high.

Cough medicine- to get high? Yes. High. Some temporarily lose their ability to walk. Some have written stories on the Internet: “I felt my soul being ripped from my body,” and, “Are you a vampire? No, I just met God.”

More than 125 commercial cough remedies in the United States contain the synthetic drug dextromethorphan (DXM). This drug is similar to morphine, and when used as directed, can effectively help one with a cold. But abused, as 1 in 10 teens admit to doing, is a central nervous system depressant.

For the full story http://news.wooeb.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=142004&ret




November 25, 2009

Half of All Inmates are Dependent on Drugs

According to a recent article in Join Together

Half of all prison inmates are dependent on drugs — including many incarcerated on non drug-related offenses — but less than 20 percent get the treatment they need, according to a new report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Addiction is a stigmatized disease that the criminal justice system often fails to view as a medical condition; as a consequence, its treatment is not as available as it is for other medical conditions,” said Redonna K. Chandler, principal author of the report and chief of NIDA’s Services Research Branch.

NIDA researchers stressed that the criminal-justice system is ideal for getting people into treatment and applying pressure to complete therapy. They noted that a dollar spent on drug courts, for example, saves $4 in healthcare costs, while a dollar spent on prison-based treatment saves $2-$6.”

It is true that we need to face the fact that most people are in prison because of drug abuse and the issue should be addressed when there is plenty of time in prison.

However, we need to ensure that as people leave prison they have a supportive drug treatment program to report to upon entering back into real life.  This is the time when they will be tempted to hook back up with their old friends and pick up old habits, knowing little else.

Through an effective treatment program they will learn that there is more to life than drugs and in fact, anyone can turn their life around given the proper guidance, tools and desire.

Narconon has worked with several persons who had recently gotten out of prison or jail for drugs with a high percentage of success and little recidivism.   877-413-3073



Xanax, Valium, Ativan Abuse, Dangerous Facts

November 25, 2009

Benzodiazepine abuse, such as Xanax, Valium, and Ativan, can cause addiction, even death, and withdrawals often need medical intervention.

Benzos, or benzodiazepines, are a class of psychoactive drugs with varying hypnotic, sedative, anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant and amnesic properties. Sold as Xanax (alprazolam),Librium (chlordiazepoxide), Valium (diazepam), and Ativan (lorazepam), these slow down the central nervous system.


Useful in treating anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and muscle spasms, they seem helpful enough.

There is a catch: The long-term use of benzodiazapines can cause physical dependence. In other words, drug addiction.

“We have dealt with many people who started using Xanax or Valium to help with insomnia or anxiety,” states Mary Rieser, Executive Director for The Atlanta Recovery Center Drug Rehab in Georgia. “Unfortunately, once they become drug addicted to these prescription drugs, they often need a medically supervised withdrawal from them.”

That’s right. Benzo withdrawal can cause death.


“Any withdrawal from any drug is extremely uncomfortable. Our withdrawal specialists work with our students in withdrawing from drugs comfortably,” continues Ms. Rieser. “However, benzo and extreme alcohol addiction need close medical supervision.”

For the full story http://news.wooeb.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=141985&ret



Being Addicted To Drugs Is Misery

November 25, 2009

Being addicted to drugs is misery.  Finding treatment can seem impossible or confusing.  There are as many theories about addiction as there are rehabs and those looking for answers are already stressed.

A recent survey showed that 9.2 percent of all Americans fall under the category of abusers of alcohol or drugs – yet just 1.6 percent of the population received any kind of treatment for addiction.  1/3 of those reported that they tried to get treatment but could not.

Certainly, with all the resources this country has to offer, we can do better job of helping those addicted.

It starts with learning the truth about drugswhy people take them and how addiction works.  Then one can understand what kind of treatment will work, based on understanding.

Don’t rely on the “experts”.  Gain understanding and think for yourself.

Learn about drugs and treatment that works at www.drugsno.com.  Let us know if you are one of those who tried to get drug treatment and couldn’t.

Narconon The New Life Program 877-413-3073



November 25, 2009

We need the next generation to prepare itself for leadership by gaining knowledge through study. This is a little harder to do with an impaired mind. In other words, we don’t need binge drinking in high school and college.

Apparently, according to research, binge drinkers suffer from memory impairment and possible physical harm to their still forming brains.

There are other obvious possible distractions to the binge drinker such as car accidents, DUIs and arrests – not helpful in preparing for the future or studying for exams.

Alcohol has always been around campuses – however it seemed like the majority of the students had enough sense to not ruin their lives through binge drinking and it was the minority that wasn’t really expected to set the world on fire anyway.  With the recent “wizard stick” parties being promoted on the internet, we cannot assume that this is now the case.  Someone needs to take heed and provide drug and alcohol education and enlighten these kids in a way that communicates.

If you need drug education brochures, we will provide them for you.  If you know someone who is binge drinking they need help.  Call us and we will help you get them help.  We can help with interventions too.

Narconon is the new life program 877-413-3073



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